Active Rehab
Active Rehab Therapy Langley and Surrey
Active Rehab

Active Rehab Therapy

Active rehab is a personalized one-on-one therapy approach specifically designed to support patient recovery from injury, and particularly after a motor vehicle accident. A personalized physiotherapist designed program will help to address your specific issues, and together with our highly trained practitioners, you will work to reduce pain and restore muscle functionality post trauma.
Unlike a personal training session at a gym, active rehab is designed to address physical limitations as a result of injury, and then works to help treat the underlying causes. Your therapist will work with you to help restore flexibility, muscle strength, core stability, balance and posture, with methods intended to be gentle, but still challenging.

Benefits of Active Rehab Therapy

Anyone can benefit from active rehab, whether you are recovering from an injury or are looking to train smarter. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified professionals with experience in various forms of active rehabilitation designed to treat:

  • Body pain and discomfort
  • Sports injury
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Flexibility and movement limitations
  • Muscular imbalances

Don’t let an accident or injury dictate how you move through life. Our highly skilled team of physiotherapists in Surrey & Vancouver can help you along the road to recovery.

Put an end to unnecessary pain

There is no reason to wake up on the morning feeling anything less than 100%, let us get you there.