Custom Orthotics
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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Our feet are literally the foundation that carries the rest of our body, and a small issue with abnormal foot mechanics or misalignment, can trigger a chain reaction throughout your body. Custom orthotics are not your typical insoles, these are specially designed bio mechanical devices which can help to correct foot imbalances and eliminate pain.

Because the exact cause of foot imbalances is specific to the individual, our trained physiotherapy team in Surrey & Vancouver evaluates each client to create a perfectly fitted, custom appliance. Over time, our custom orthotics will help to correct foot irregularities, resulting in lasting pain relief.

Why Choose Custom Orthotics

There is a big difference between the type of insoles that can be purchased at a local drug store and those that are custom made. Custom orthotics are medical devices designed to address you specific needs and offer more than simply additional cushioning. Custom orthotics provide:

  • Tailored fit for correction of foot irregularities
  • Cushioning for support and stability
  • Reduced stress and strain
  • Increased comfort and performance
  • Better shock distribution and absorption

Feel better and do better with orthotics designed to support you throughout all your activities, endeavors, and adventures.

Put an end to unnecessary pain

There is no reason to wake up on the morning feeling anything less than 100%, let us get you there.