Four Reasons to See a Physiotherapist That Are Not Because of Injury


Four Reasons to See a Physiotherapist That Are Not Because of Injury

Our bodies go through a lot during daily life. Aches, pains, and ailments happen. If they are not addressed properly and promptly, they can get worse and lead to long-term, debilitating pain and other health problems.

Physiotherapy is an important asset in keeping your body fit. You do not have to be injured to go to physiotherapy, there are many physiotherapy services in Surrey that are designed to help your body prepare and heal not just from injury.

Here are four reasons to seek physiotherapy services in Surrey.

1: Pre or post-surgery

Surgery can be very hard on your body, and can come with limitations as your body recovers. Physiotherapy after surgery can help with the recovery process by helping your muscles get stronger. Post-surgery physiotherapy is effective for pain management, strengthening weak muscles, and getting you back to where you were pre-surgery. Your physiotherapist can also advise you on effective positions and postures to increase comfort while healing.

2: Learn how to do exercises properly and safely for your body

Working with a physiotherapist will help ensure that you do not aggravate an existing injury or limitation while exercising. Your physiotherapist can teach you proper form for exercising to avoid injury, and can also provide modified alternatives to exercises and stretches if needed.

3: Before you start a new activity, sport, or hobby

If your main fitness terrain is the gym and you want to try an outdoor sport or activity, be careful. Outdoor workouts are a great and fun way to get fresh air and your fitness routine done, but are also inherently risky. With natural ground, and not the smooth, even floors of a gym or indoor facility, there is a greater risk of sprains, bruises and breaks due to imbalance. Talking to your physiotherapist before any injuries happen will lessen the chance of them happening. They can help you learn how to properly balance and work with uneven ground.

4: Pain relief

Chronic pain is debilitating and can be a strain on your mental health as well as your physical health. Like the rest of B.C., physiotherapy services in Surrey cater to a wide range of people and all levels of fitness. Physiotherapy can help improve mobility, safely stretch and relax muscles, and eliminate or reduce chronic pain. If you are worried about getting injured and that is holding you back from trying a new fitness activity or sport, don’t worry.

A physiotherapist can provide you with the education and strategies needed for injury prevention. While accidents do happen, knowing your body and having a grasp on its bio-mechanics can help to decrease the risk of injuries such as sprains, breaks, and other sport-related injuries.

Being previously injured or aging does not necessarily mean you have to stop doing the activities you love, or avoid trying new ones. By physically caring for your body, you are giving yourself the ability to do more and feel great before, during, and after activities.


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