Help Your Recovery with Concussion Therapy in Surrey


Help Your Recovery with Concussion Therapy in Surrey

Concussions are a serious injury that need to be addressed promptly. Concussion therapy in Surrey is a concussion treatment that can help people who have had a concussion to better recover. Concussions have a lot of myths surrounding them, that prevent many of them being reported.

More than 50% of concussions are not reported. Concussion therapy in Surrey is a crucial step in healing from a concussion and preventing potential complications that can occur due to an untreated head injury.

Contrary to popular belief, a concussion can happen without direct impact to the head. A concussion is defined as a “disruption in the neurological functioning of the brain resulting from a blow, fall, or impact to the head or elsewhere on the body. What happens is that there is an imbalance within the brain cells, which can cause headaches, neck pain, nausea, vision problems, balance issues, and light and noise sensitivities.

90% of concussions do not involve people passing out from the injury. Concussions, like any injury are different for everyone. Recovery time differs based on the person and the severity of the concussion. Most concussions will heal on their own, however there are cases where symptoms can last for weeks or months after injury. Post-concussion syndrome is when the symptoms from a concussion last longer than a few days. Concussion therapy in Surrey is designed to help get rid of lingering symptoms. For some, symptoms from a concussion can be debilitating. Painful headaches, loss of balance, and problems with light or sound sensitivity can impact a person’s daily way of life.

Concussion therapy in Surrey offers a way of recovery that is conducted and overseen by professional physiotherapists in Surrey. While it is not recommended after a concussion to go right back to the normal routine or activities that caused the concussion in the first place, physical activity that is designed to support recovery is highly recommended.

Concussion therapy in Surrey includes spine therapy, rehabilitation, balance training, baseline testing and training, and vision, balance, and exertion testing. After a serious concussion, it is normal to feel tired and disoriented for a few days. If symptoms persist, making a doctor’s appointment should be the first step.

Baseline testing is a series of tests that show where the brain was pre-injury. The tests, which cover both physical and cognitive abilities can help health care professionals measure the severity of the concussion, and how to proceed with concussion therapy.

Baseline tests are around 20-30 minutes and can be booked as a precaution before a concussion happens. Concussion symptoms can disappear in a matter of days or weeks. However, just because concussion symptoms have gone, it does not necessarily mean that the patient is fully recovered or should go back to the activities they were doing before injury.

Concussion therapy that is started in a timely manner can make the difference between short and long-term recovery. Concussions are serious  and traumatic injuries that need to be addressed by professionals as soon as possible.


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