Physiotherapy Can Improve Quality of Life and Help Manage Pain


Physiotherapy Can Improve Quality of Life and Help Manage Pain

If you are feeling sore and stiff all over or in just one area, physiotherapy might be the answer to your problems. Physiotherapy is not just for injuries but can also help people suffering from chronic pain caused by health conditions or ageing. Body pain can vary in terms of location and intensity. It can be sharp and intense or dull and achy. Pain can develop very fast or slowly get worse over time. Symptoms can vary from person to person. However, if you feel any of the above or a snapping or locking sensation when you move or struggle to stand, walk or lay down on the sensitive area, physiotherapy is a good place to start when looking for treatments and solutions for pain.

To find the cause of the pain, your physiotherapist will do an assessment, which will help them create a customized treatment plan for you. A physiotherapist will assess your condition by looking at your range of movement, quality of life, the level of pain you are experiencing, and other individualistic factors, all of which will help determine what physiotherapy services will work for you. Every physiotherapy treatment plan is custom created for every patient, so there is no one size fits all plan or treatment approach.

Some physiotherapy services may include working on your balance and coordination, posture and movement, or doing neurodynamic exercises to help release tension in your body. As muscles tighten, tension can cause pain, stiffness, and a level of decrease in our range of motion. A knowledgeable, trained physiotherapist will be able to treat the area and gently stretch your muscles creating better circulation which will result in more oxygen going to the area thereby promoting healing.

Physiotherapy services are broad and cover a wide range of tools and techniques used to help prevent and treat injury. Physiotherapy is a hands-on-based treatment that is generally non-invasive and painless. The type of treatment and number of appointments depends on the condition. Some people find that a “maintenance” appointment every so often is beneficial to their overall health and well being. Physiotherapy services are designed for people of all ages and levels of mobility. The goal of physiotherapy is to get rid of pain, give your body the full range of motion, and give you the tools you need to prevent future physical injuries and flareups.

The type of physiotherapy most people think of when thinking of physio is manual therapy. Manual therapy is where physiotherapists will use therapy techniques to work your muscles and stimulate healing. Tanique’s include manipulation of joints, soft tissue, and joint mobilization. Physiotherapy uses hand pressure to reduce pain. During appointments, most patients are not in physical pain and will leave their appointment feeling better. Depending on the severity of your condition and how tender the inflicted area is, it is common to feel tenderness and soreness after an appointment.


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