Physiotherapy Services in Surrey: What to Expect During Your First Appointment


Physiotherapy Services in Surrey: What to Expect During Your First Appointment

So, something happened that has you considering physiotherapy services In Surrey. Maybe you woke up one morning with an unexplained neck ache, you can’t ignore that lingering back pain any longer, or a doctor referred you.

Thousands of people use physiotherapy every day to help with these types of issues and many more. But if this is your first-time booking physiotherapy services In Surrey, you might be curious about what actually happens during an initial physio appointment and what to expect afterward. To help solve the mystery, here’s a quick review of what physiotherapy is, why we use it, and a breakdown of what to expect during your first appointment.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness, focused on the science of movement. It encompasses everything from rehabilitation and injury prevention to supporting those looking to improve their physical fitness.
Physiotherapists utilize a combination of techniques, including manual manipulation, exercise, and stretches to treat various musculoskeletal injuries. The goal is to help improve mobility, increase strength and endurance, and reduce pain in their patients.

What to Expect During Your First Session

Your physiotherapist will start your first session by collecting background information on the nature of your pain or injury. To help get the most accurate record, you might want to prepare a few notes in advance to avoid forgetting any important details. If you have any medical documents relating to your injury, it’s a good idea to bring those along as well.

Dress comfortably for your session. While you will sit down and verbally go over some vital background information, your physiotherapist will also ask you to work through a few exercises and movements to assess your level of mobility and areas of discomfort. This will be an essential part of developing your personalized physiotherapy services plan.

Your session will also include a physical exam. In addition to assessing your injury, your therapist will look for swelling, tenderness, and other conditions that may impact your recommended treatment plan.
What Types of Treatments Might be Recommended?

A holistic physiotherapy services plan in Surrey may include one or several treatment options, depending on the nature of the injury. Here are a few examples of the types of treatments that may be recommended for you serve by Revitalize Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic.
• Massage therapy
• Exercise and stretches
• Shockwave therapy
• Acupuncture
• Heat therapy

Massage treatments are a form of manual manipulation therapy technique targeting the soft tissue, used to ease muscle tension and stiffness. Some patients report feeling a significant improvement after only a few sessions.
Acupuncture is another technique your physiotherapist might suggest. It’s used to help stimulate the soft tissue and relieve tension and pain.

Exercise and stretching are crucial to increasing mobility, flexibility, and strength. Your physiotherapist will show you the correct way to perform the recommended movements, and you might be asked to perform some of them at home.

Shockwave therapy helps treat some types of musculoskeletal conditions. Low energy waves pulsating directly through the skin can often provide rapid and effective relief of chronic pain.


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